These beauty products make love come true

When it comes to the day of love, we would like you think of yourself for a change. IRMA selected favourites ones that make you flush.


This 100% organic formula is based on mineral pigments, natural vitamin E and seed oils like apricot and avocado with a soft texture. It is 100 % vegan and the all sustainable bamboo packaging is an elegant refill that fits your purse.

By the way, this make-up product is actually pure skincare for your skin while defining your cheekbones. With ingredients like shea butter, lemon oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil and mica this blush formula should be a must in your make-up pouch.


A high pigmented lipstick which has a 12-hour wear with a luminous, semi-matte finish. This hydrating lipstick combines comfort on your lips with the impact of intense, saturated colour, thanks to a high concentration of pigments.

When we talk about comfort on your lips it is not only beneficial for kissing but also for talking. A well hydrated lip talks better and easier. J


Feeling like staying at home? Light a candle and indulge in a warm masculine mix of cedar wood from the Atlas Mountains, a hint of piper nigrum and a full blossom of fresh mandarin and bergamot. A scented candle can create an ambiance of healthfulness and well-being.


How does love taste? Mango, purple carrot and chilly create a fruity hot mix of this cup of 100% organic tea which not only gives you good energy and warmth, but you can also use the inside of the sachet to season your dishes when cooking.

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