The Travel Kit

Feeling comfortable and enjoying your travels, wherever you go and wherever you arrive, is made easier if you take a small tool kit to make you feel at home. We have selected a few items that you should take with you.



Alabaster Sacre

By far the most elegant and subtle way to perfume a hotel room and make it your own the moment you step inside. The alabastre box consists of three elements: a porcelain box, a stone and a perfume essence bottle. Sacre” alabastre fills the chosen room with deep, woody notes of juniper, pine and cedar, sweetened with honey and crowned with frankincense.
Designed by Officine, the porcelain box is also a lovely place to keep your jewellery on your bedside table.



Jasmin Khezri Collection money & card holder

Take this small pochette with you on your morning run or whenever you want to go out without carrying a bag.

The leather mini purse has hand crocheted details that add a handmade, artisanal feel to your look. Wear it over knitwear and coats or under your sweatshirts when you go running.



Cocoon Artisanal Tea

Skip the airline teas and coffees for these organic, great tasting infusions and teas when travelling.
The mini tin fits perfectly in your handbag for small servings on the go to keep you hydrated and feeling good.



Polychromatic Toothbrush

The Officine Universelle Buly toothbrush – made in Italy from high quality acetate – is dressed in colour to enhance the whiteness of your smile and keep your spirits up while brushing your teeth on long journeys.


VYREO_ High Five Set

Vyrao High Five Set

Five Vyrao fragrances on the go with the High Five Travel Set. Each Vyrao fragrance blends master perfumery with energy healing elements using organic, natural ingredients selected for their specific emotional qualities, giving each scent its own unique vibration.