The Superfoliant Cleanser by DERMALOGICA takes it all off


You don’t have to live in a big city to notice that skin aging comes through environmental pollution. Correct cleansing is the starting point for perfect skin care and any anti-aging procedures. IRMA was curious to test the first anti-pollution product, DAILY SUPERFOLIANT by DERMALOGICA, after entering her postal code into the skin care brand’s newly launched app to find out about the skin pollution index, and thought: Let’s really get all pollution traces off the skin.

Daily Superfoliant, a gentle but powerful daily exfoliant designed to absorb pollutants, is exactly what we need. It boasts the pollutant-absorbing ingredient activated binchotan charcoal powder to extract dirt and oil; rice bran, which gives the powder its grit; anti-inflammatory niacinamide; an enzyme trio that dissolves proteins on the skin while deeply cleansing and accelerating exfoliation; and lactic acid to get rid of dead skin cells.

How to use it: After cleansing, simply dispense about half a teaspoon of the powder into wet hands and slowly start rubbing the gritty formula until it forms a foamy paste. (Make sure your hands are wet enough, otherwise you won’t activate the formula.) Then put it onto your face, carefully rubbing in circular motions for about a minute before rinsing thoroughly. You will be happy to see your skin glowing.

Always handy on IRMA’s bathroom sink: DAILY SUPERFOLIANT by DERMALOGICA


Make it a habit to remove all your make-up the minute you come home at night. Just think of the benefits that your night skincare will have more additional time to do the job and especially during winter time will act against dry radiator air.

How do you remove your cleanser? I prefer rough linen cloth, according to your skin type the material should be finer or rougher, or get both and switch every other day.

Lately I have been using ice cubes in a bucket filled with ice cold water to rinse off the final traces of the cleanser. Cold water has a different molecular structure and less chalk and is therefore more beneficial for skincare. It tightens the pores and gives me a mini Cryotherapy which also boosts my immune system and metabolism.

Store your night or daycare in the fridge and dry your skin after cleansing with a warm/hot towel, then tone your skin and add the chilled cream to face, neck and décolleté. The mix of warm and cold will make the ingredients get in deeper and make your skin pores work.

Change your linen or cotton pillowcase at least every second day.