The red bag

VOLTA bag-Louis-Vuitton
The red VOLTA bag is my perfect travel bag. It is large enough to hold all my books and documents, looks chic and the soft leather wears beautifully over the shoulder. Location pictures at Ateliers d’Asnières at Maison Louis Vuitton.

ASNIÈRES: There are some accessories in my wardrobe that remind me of a special day. The new Louis Vuitton bag is one of them. This bag shouts, it’s a great sunny day, lets put cherries in me and spend the day outside in the park! The colour is intense like bright red lips and the inside as simple as it gets, so you can just grab all your favorite books, some pencils and a drawing pad and off you go.

The perfect match to visit the Ateliers d’Asnières at Maison Louis Vuitton. The ateliers were established in 1859 and until 1977 different members of the Vuitton family, like for example George Vuitton lived in that beautiful house outside of Paris. 190 artisans create and work here at the baggagerie, creating leather accessories and luggage and in 2010 L’École des Savoir-Faire Maroquiniers was established to create a transmission of the art of Louis Vuitton to the next generations.

This unique place takes you back in time, especially when you stroll through the garden and Art Nouveau house. You want to put down your bag, grab same cherries from it and just daydream watching the birds fly by in the sky.

Le Musée Louis Vuitton
16-18, rue Louis-Vuitton
92600 Asnières-sur-Seine