The new retreat concept at the Hotel Post by Susanne Kaufmann in Bezau

Thinking of a weekend getaway in the Austrian mountains with a signature retreat to detox, holistic skin care and some hiking just sounds perfect in autumn. We have visited the Hotel Post by Susanne Kaufmann in Bezau for a three-day retreat, learning all kinds of different things that makes slow beauty and living the way to go.

View from the top floor to the brine bath pool through wooden panels that make a perfect outdoor meditation room in summer.

After a good night sleep and the Susanne Kaufmann signature detox breakfast with homemade granola, spelt flakes and almond milk followed by a chia Pudding and some juicing with linseed oil the day can start. Already opening my eyes overlooking the hotels own landscape fields with organic vegetables and a deep breath is energetic and a perfect start.


The old part of the Hotel Post by Susanne Kaufmann and Jasmin going for a walk, learning more about home grown vegetables.


The first thing for a jump start is either a walk along the fields in the beautiful landscape of Bezau or a jump into the hotel pool.If you like a smooth start, I suggest a dip in the brine bath to stretch your muscles in the warm, salty water or a Qi Gong class.


Each meal, even breakfast starts with a hot vegetable soup.

Has an holistic approach of only all natural ingredients grown by Susanne Kaufmann Company in Bezau, no preservatives, no animal testing and the pure clean ingredients with the highest amount of performance. Actually, did you know that a product is never completely finished? Susanne Kaufmann keeps working on each product to make and improve it always for its best and highest performance.

Starts with a session of face Yoga where you are strengthening your facial muscles and fascias as well as your lymphatic system and blood circulation gets a boost.
Start your session with some facial, rose scented mist and hot water to get started.

Bezau, Bregenzer Wald, every breath is a treat.

You will get the glow already after the first day. The concept of good sleep, organic, homegrown food and holistic skincare gives you almost immediate results.

To enhance this, try the new Glow Mask, instantly making the skin radiant while reducing fine lines and imperfections. But do not forget to drink lots of water and Susanne Kaufmann Basen Tee as well as constant movement in the fresh air will keep you glowing even more.

The newly designed yoga lounge with a huge window and a view from my room above the vegetable fields.

Susanne Kaufmann currently works together with Hair stylist Christoph Tomann on a new hair concept. For now, I tried the body peeling also on my scalp before washing my hair. And their rich hair mask used as a treatment in dry hair works miracles, especially when using a blow-dry directly on the hair to infuse the mask into the hair structure.

Works wonders against the food blues, better to go for a walk. Cape by MIU MIU Fall/ Winter 2020 collection.

The food is beautifully arranged and the extremely tasteful menu for a vegan only vegetable cuisine stands out and makes each meal a pleasure. Their cuisine is very regional and seasonal therefor they have a huge amount of preserved vegetables and fruits so you will have home grown products all year round.

I treated myself to a glass of red wine after the second night and actually felt very good as their wine selection consists of only low acidity, organic wines.

Preserved vegetables and fruits from the hotels homegrown, organic garden.

With an Alkali Salt deacidifying foot soak and scrap makes not only your feed soft but prepares your foot sole to purify your body overnight, besides it makes you perfectly sleepy.

A perfect harmony between the modern architecture and a traditional farmhouse all made out of regional wood and perfectly matching each other.


You will sleep like a baby in the Samina sleeping system which is more than just a bed. Choose your special pillow in the hotel’s pillow library. The room is completely deactivated from electricity and electromagnetic free at night.


Most important, that you take something home with you. Try a new Sport or start your day with a different routine and take advantage of their daily classes about farming, gardening, juicing and more to come.


Lots of wood, a brilliant white spa and a latest garden Sauna was designed by Susannes brother, the architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann.The integration of living space and nature is a smooth match and you will find many angles that please your eye.

The contrast is the match, materials, textures, colours and form, all works together in harmony.


The latest Detox set by Susanne Kaufmann, Jasmin wears a coat by Jil Sander from the Fall/ winter 2020 collection.