The latest Coif comes from Paris Haute Couture Valentino Show

Of course, it is Paris that brings up the latest hair trend on unique elegance like the last Haute Couture show by Mr Piccioli for Valentino crowned by a head turning coiffure created especially by Guido Palau, long-time hair stylist of the fashion house.

Giambattista Valli had a similar vision about hair and Haute Couture but in a different way. Models had their mane not loose but either hold together by a velvet ribbon or fine hair net.


It is a modern version of the sixties toupage but much stronger, more volume and with a finishing touch that creates an elegant silhouette.

Wear it to a cocktail dress or a T shirt and jeans, you will definitely get attention

Guido Palau has a long relationship with the house of Valentino, like no other he takes the Haute Couture fashion on an even high level by the art of hair styling

We had a chat with Munich based hair stylist Mr. Thomas Kemper who since many years had been the hair stylist to Mrs. Angelica Blechschmidt, the elegant and former chief editor of Vogue who passed away last week. Thomas Kemper created a hairstyle together with her that made the black mane with a white streak her signature look until now and made the look iconic.

He shows us how to create and manage this XXL toupage style in nine easy steps



  1. Wash your hair with your hair structure matching shampoo, make sure there is no extra oils or moisturizer as an ingredient. Use no conditioner nor mask just add lots of hair strengthening hair muse after you have dry padded your hair.
  2. Combe and blow dry your hair by pulling over your head with a thick hairbrush combing through while drying.
  3. Once the hair is almost dry take heated rollers, part the hair into different sections and roll it over the rollers. Let them inside till the hair is 100% dry.
  4. Take of the rollers and start with your lower hair partially teasing each section of the hair carefully with a teasing comb. Start from below and work your way towards the upper hair.
  5. Each finished teased hair section can be fixed with a strong hairspray, like this you built up volume that lasts.
  6. Finally, the top hair needs some extra care and styling, combe it carefully on top of the overall hairstyle so it comes from the middle and goes to each side
  7. Fix the entire style with a matching hairspray.
  8. When you start off with fine hair, see your hairdresser in person some days before your appointment so he can order hair tape or hairpieces to work into your coif.
  9. Make sure to brush out your hair at night with a strong brush so the hair does not break when lying down, washing out the hairspray also helps and then putting on a hair treatment.