The IRMA Adventskranz

This year’s Adventskranz is all about bows. Not just any, but we made our favourite fabrics by La Maison Pierre Frey into large couture bows giving our Adventskranz a certain allure as well as an aura of craftmanship. A perfect addition to your interior.

The wreath is made of different gum, olive and fir branches and anything green that smells and looks Christmassy.

We had the double side ribbons sewn together and embroidered with our signature ric rac ribbon along both sides.

The bright turquoise ribbon compliments well with the Pierre Frey fabric in blue and burgundy.
The bows appear large and mighty on the Adventskranz and make quite an impression.
You can hang the wreath on your door front or place it on a table with four candles in a honey hue colour.
Of course, you can add more to your wreath like pomegranate, walnuts or anything you can find in the woods.

Keep on changing the decoration along the coming advents Sundays by adding and changing flowers, dried leaves or anything that gets you in a Christmas mood. You can also change the colors of the candles if you like. Like this you get the impression of having a new wreath every Sunday.

Order the IRMA Adventskranz here:

It comes with four hand-made bows, 4 candle holders and honey-coloured candles and extra thin ribbon to hold the folded bows together.