The art of window display

The cities need a new wave, something that inspire us, something that you like to check out.  Just like before online shopping took over.
We think that window design should get a new focus to be entertaining and fun again.

Art has always been a faithful partner of shop window design. Cities adorn themselves with storefronts that identify a style, an era, and recreate scenes and experiences.
Luxury companies and designers who have a direct connection to art know this very well, because they do not make ready-to-wear, but “pieces of art that dress” with an essence of enduring value over time.

This industry lives not only from fashion but also from art, from visual and aesthetic richness that educates the eye.

The history of fashion teaches us that shop windows are not just a tool to showcase products, but a stage where fashion and art can merge to create unique experiences and magical places.

Here are some window displays that caught our eyes:

Hermès, Madrid


Bergdorf Goodman, New York


Hermès, Paris

Assouline bookstore


Prada at Harrods, London


Jasmin Khezri Collection at Loden Frey , Munich


Fendi at Selfridges, London


Louis Vuitton Paris


Maison Fevrier, a feather Atelier in Paris has created this saddle and riding boots for Hermès. Imagined by Antoine Platteau


New summer hat at Maison Michel in Paris