The Amanjena in Marrakech is a place for new ideas

Living at Amanjena’s Riad Number six made me stay all day at my Maison. The change of light and colours provided a perfect ambiance for my sketches.

There are some places that not only lift your spirit and please your eye but also do something to your mind that has an interesting effect. I am talking about the Amanjena in Marrakesh. Like all AMAN hotels, (aman means peace and amanjena means peaceful paradise), this resort is known for quietness, privacy and pure luxury of the highest standards in the hotel business when it comes to one of the advanced hotel concepts in the meaning of luxury today. (Read my article on new luxury.)

Aman has the talent to make you think that you are the only guest arriving at your property with all the staff at hand which seem to know about your preferences and wishes already. But the Amanjena, a 20-minute car ride outside of the Medina, also leaves all the space your mind needs those days in a busy over-digitized world.

Whether you are searching for tranquility, new ideas or regeneration in the Spa and Haman, space matters and there is a lot that gives your mind enough room. For a new perspective, a different dimension and maybe a new direction.

Staying a couple of days in one of the 39 Maisons or Pavillons will leave you in good spirits and definitely some new directions about how you want to continue your personal or work/life balance, come up with a new business idea. And if you are too lazy to get into it, you will come home at least with some interior ideas to copy cat for your own home or the way you might be entertaining your guests next time.

Light your fireplace in your private Maison, order room service tagines and dip into the warm pool at you Gazebo after dessert before you finish the evening with Moroccan mint tea. Or book an evening in their signature European-style or Japanese restaurant which serves sushi as well as Japanes specialities from the slow cooking Robata Grill after some yoga at the hotel’s Yoga pavilion overseeing the original water Bassin of the former Olive grove.

Here are my favourite impressions while visiting the AMANJENA last week:

Fresh flowers everywhere and dried rose blossoms in your bathroom make you believe you are in a rose garden.
Every detail, textile and colour in your riad is eye candy.
The pool is the center of your riad and a plunge before visiting the Hamam is a perfect idea.
Pomegranate is rich in colour and minerals as well as vitamins – copy the idea for your own home and learn from Moroccan culture that more is better, order a fresh pressed pomegranate juice for breakfast by the pool.
Walking under the colonnade on mocha-coloured bejmat & green Zellij tiles under a nine meter high cedar wood ceiling feels majestic.
Palm trees give a magnificent ambiance of light and shadow, always protective from the African sun.
The iron made gardening chairs and heavy curtains give a Slim Aaron kind of vintage feel. Large handmade straw hats are provided by the hotel.

Every corner at the Amanjena brings you to the large, centered water bassin. Walk through palm-covered alleys along lush gardens to the main pool of the hotel where breakfast and lunch is served.