Team Maserati wins Beach Polo World Cup in Sylt

At this year’s Julius Bär Beach Polo World Cup 2019 in Sylt we met with Patrick Maleitzke. With 29 years he is not only Germany’s youngest professional player (Handicap (+3), but together with his partner Vanessa Schockemöhle is also the largest breeder of Argentine polo horses in Europe. He is playing Team Maserati in Sylt.

Julius Bär Beach Polo World Cup 2019 in Sylt with Team Maserati. Presenting the new Maserati Levante Trofeo


IRMA: How do you prepare for the game?
PATRICK MALEITZKE: You have to keep yourself physically fit. Before the game, I physically and mentally train for 20 minutes. You have to be flexible otherwise you will not go smoothly with the horse. If you are too stiff you have too little grip on the horse and fall of faster.

IRMA: At which Polo fields do you prefer to play?
PATRICK MALEITZKE:  Wherever the places are good. Paris and London have the best playing fields.

Patrick Maleitzke from Team Maserati.


IRMA: What makes the polo game different on sand, is it easier?
PATRICK MALEITZKE:  You can play more pretentious on the grass. The beach Polo ball is lighter, so it does more than it should. The wind dominates the game.

Patrick Maleitzke from Team Maserati and Jasmin Khezri, irmaswold


IRMA: What do you love about this sport?
PATRICK MALEITZKE:  Polo is a great team sport. I love the speed and the cooperation with the horses. Above all, the total harmony with the horse fascinates me

IRMA: Regarding all the equipment you have to carry along for the game.
PATRICK MALEITZKE: The new Maserati Levante Trofeo has a special opening at the trunk to store larger objects, like for example our playing mallet that are extra-long and still fit into the trunk.

Arrive in style. Polo mallets and boots fit perfectly into the trunk of the Maserati Levante.


Beautiful Sylt


Celebrating victory ! Team Maserati wins the Cup. Amaury La Fonta, GM Maserati Central Europe and Jasmin Khezri, irmasworld.


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