Taste of holiday

Yes, everyone seems to travel again and dining out is more than ever a pleasure thing to do. But no worries, we selected our favourite recipes from the hotels we have been visiting lately to bring back the good taste of a memorable experience.
For you to prepare at home, read about and get inspired for your next journey. Isn’t it all about good taste?


MANDARIN ORIENTAL, MilanLemon Plumcake – Recipe for 4 people
400gr flour “00” type
7,5gr yeast
150gr butter
170gr cream
4g salt
525gr sugar
375gr eggs
10gr zest

For the lemon syrup:
400gr lemon juice
125gr water
225gr sugar

Assembling the eggs with the sugar. Mixing with zest, then add 150gr of molten butter.
Sifting the flour and blending with the mix of eggs and sugar. Put the mixture in a mold for plumcake and putting it into the oven for 20 minutes at 200°C, then lower to 180°C for other 25 minutes.
In the meanwhile, preparing the lemon syrup, which will be painted on the cake when the baking is completed, then adding the zest.

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Cauliflower puree
375g Whipping cream
8 sheets Gelatine , soak in cold water
11g salt
Cook the cauliflower with the whipping cream, save some of the whipping cream for the sauce. Dissolve the gelantine in the cream and add whipped cream into the sauce.

155g small fir branches
100g young spinach
400g oliveoil

Mix the ingredients in a Thermo mix as small as possible. Heat to 60 degree on level 6 for three minutes. Pass on ice through a fine sieve.
Store in a piping bag over night, get rid off the water and vaccume.
This combination tasts deliciously to beef tartare.

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Gató de almendra (Almond cake)

Eggs: 5
Sugar: 250 gr.
Ground almonds: 250 gr
Lemon: ½
Cinnamon: 1 gr.

To Prepare:

Grease a cake tin with butter
Now sprinkle it with flour.
Place the sugar and eggs in a basin.
Beat the eggs together with the sugar until their volume has doubled.
Mix the almond with the cinnamon and grated lemon peel.
Sprinkle the ground almond, little by little onto the eggs and sugar gently mixing it in.
Pour the mixture into the cake tin.
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180º C for 30 to 40 min.
Once baked, remove the cake from the tin while it is still warm
Serve sprinkled with fine icing sugar.


SON CLARET, Mallorca


30ml Campari
30ml Dry Gin
30ml Punt de Mes

Pour ingredients into a short glass over plenty of ice.
Stir to combine the ingredients and garnish with an orange wedge.

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