My Talk with Mr. Bonow

Get advice from Mr Bonow for your personal PR and don't let your career chances be blown away.
Get advice from Mr Bonow for your personal PR and don’t let your career chances be blown away.

BERLIN: Whatever you do, do it with passion and knowledge. This is how I live my life and approach my work. From time to time it is great to put a mirror in front of your professional status. Step back and look at where you are. The person I advise you to consult is Mr Tilo Bonow, the founder and CEO of piâbo public relations, the lead agency of the digital industry in Europe
Read what he has to say and how he makes you think twice about how to keep up with professional life in today’s fast lane.

If a person has many different talents and is not sure which direction to go, how will he/she be able to focus on their true talent?
There are many multi-talented people out there but the important question to pose would be: In which field am I really an expert, where am I better than others and what makes me outstanding in my field? Is what I do and what makes me remarkable relevant for others?
Another important question is: What can I NOT do? The nuances are very important. For example: I am a fashion editor. Am I a specialist in street wear or haute couture?
Be aware of your skills and communicate them to the right market. It is important that people notice your values, so that they can trust you and therefore want to work with you.

When you have found your talent, for example as an artist, how do you go about popularizing yourself in the media?
First you define your skills, so you are a specialist in your field, because the more you are specialised the better, the higher you will be in demand.
You have to be authentic on every side of YOU, your skills, your character and also it is important how you bring your massage across visually, how you represent yourself. If all these points fit together for one strong message and if you stay focused you will be aiming for success.
The more people talk about you and know you, the more popular you get. We would recommend a social media strategy.

Which is the best way to be represented in the social media? Is it better to perform internationally for a greater fellowship or rather regionally?
Which clients do you want to reach and how do you want to appear? For example, Lady Gaga does not look typically New York or Bavarian or as if she came from Tokyo. She has her very own, unique international style that helped her to stabilize a successful personal branding besides being a good musician.
Ask yourself who you want to reach, who is your target group and why do you communicate through the social media. Maybe you need different channels for different countries. Remember that the art of communication is different in other countries and cultures.
You have to communicate an authentic message that maybe different for each country? It depends on what you want to achieve. After we would have created your personal branding, we would advise you on how to communicate your message. Maybe through a dinner with multipliers or as a guest on TV.

How do you create a strong message?
If you have a good story you will also have a strong message. Who am I and what do I stand for? You have to communicate your message in one single strong sentence. Start filtering your know-how and focus on that one sentence that communicates what you do really well.

Which social networks work best for which purpose?
Look out for social networks that target your interest and your skills. If your work focus is in a different country, find out which platforms works for you, which career forum, which social media online portals are the best to communicate your skills. Find niche networks that notice you.
For example, if you want to be on TV, find a blog where they communicate about TV hosts or shows.

Mr Bonow in his office at piâbo in Berlin
Mr Bonow in his office at piâbo in Berlin