Taking a weekend break at Tegernsee in five steps

Taking a short break during a busy time like the upcoming holiday season is a good idea. IRMA tried a weekend getaway not too far from her home in the Bavarian Alpes, at lake Tegernsee. Read about what a two day get away can do to your mind and physical state.

A view from the Junior Suite 713 at the Hotel DAS TEGERNSEE, lake Tegernsee, Bavaria


Should be easy and very spontaneous. Who can book and organize a getaway too far in advance during busy days? Also, you might need instant relaxation which can be booked the day before That is why a travel destination which can be reached by car is an easy way of travelling. You decide when to leave and packing is quickly done, besides there is no lost time at the airports or even jet lag.

Jasmin Khezri from irmasworld wearing Brunello Cucinelli; DAS TEGERNSEE, Sengerschloß


Think twice about what you want to get out the most during a short break. Physical wellness, a relaxing mind, a short detox before upcoming Christmas parties or an intense experience in nature.


Have you ever thought of what an interior design or an architectural structure of a room can do to your overall well-being? A natural wooden floor, high ceilings, airy rooms, large windows and a view that is overwhelming are only a few ideas. Today more and more hotels know about that and offer their guest a room that serves well-being. Like the Alpenchalets at DAS TEGERNSEE, designed by Landauer + Kindelbacher; they have wooden walls and ceilings and natural materials, or their spacious rooms in the Sengerschloss with almost 5-meter-high ceilings, large windows and airy rooms.


Order the wine from the region and food which is not only seasonal but also cooked with local ingredients from people who know all about the region’s traditional cuisine.

The restaurant Alpenbrasserie works in that way and serves all alpine dishes in a relaxed a simple atmosphere, overlooking lake Tegernsee.

Tegernsee, Bavaria


Keep it simple and spend most of your time outside, whether you like hiking or just spend your day relaxing in a lounge chair in the sun. Inhale as much as you can the air, which is different when on the countryside. Close your eyes or just touch trees when hiking through the woods, absorb as much as you can, what nature has to offer. It’s for free and it is there, just help yourself. At night you will sleep like an angle.

We stayed in Room 213 at DAS TEGERNSEE

The trip was supported by DAS TEGERNSEE