Take a pen with you

Tissue by Pierre Frey

Holidays are around the corner and this time I will try to neglect all those digital devices like laptop and iPhone and focus a bit more. I brought pens with me and of course my sketch- and scrapbooks which always accompany my travels, wherever I go.

My selection consists of favourite pens, pencils, lots of paper, note- and scrapbook and I have to admit — also some post-its. Why that? Because I am a Post-it junky. Sometimes I have so many thoughts and ideas or to dos in my head that I just need to write down each thought on a yellow tag and take it step by step. On a good day they are all gone before bedtime and I can sleep like an angel, otherwise they are glued within my TO DO book and I take care of the TO DOs the next morning.

LAMY Lx pen; Tissue by Pierre Frey

Why do I take pens and writing/sketching books with me on my holidays? Because it is the best time of the year to really have a clear mind and focus on YOU and the next thing YOU want to do. Your mind is fully relaxed and you might be sitting at the beach daydreaming watching the seagulls fly by and suddenly this idea or thought comes to your mind. Et voila! Then I am always happy to have pen and paper by my side and jot everything down. Or I do a little sketch.

These moments are precious and one should have them more than just once a year. Focus on your mind and write things down. Besides, years later these ideas read like a great diary.

You never know when inspiration hits you – or simply a thought or idea you want to write down.
This is my favourite selection of LAMY writing tools which can be used easily for writing and sketching while travelling or relaxing at home. Tipo K is one of the smoothest ink rollers I’ve used so far, I love it for the quick notes and lists. LAMY Lx is the elegant version of the brand’s classic ink pen, made of anodized aluminum – for those very precious lines. Pico is the name of this pocket pen, which transforms into a grown-up pen by a simple push. Nice, if you pull a pen out of your tiny little clutch. And last but not least, LAMY Scribble, a drop action pencil, perfect for my atelier desk.
Thank you, LAMY!

This post was made possible with the kind support of LAMY.