Pack your book into the new season’s handbag

JK from IRMASWORLD in front of her bookcase, print bag by Prada

We love bags with a message, they are fun. This season there are many, just think of the Prada velvet bag with a printed 3D visual appeal, as seen on our slider.

Olympia Le Tan put book cover designs on her clutches a long time ago and the idea of carrying a book to a cocktail party was quite entertaining. The question was: What are you reading, dear?

This season Prada came out with a Picasso-like drawn head embossed onto velvet and also the outline drawing impression of a 3D bag onto velvet, also by Prada, made you look twice. These trompe l’oeils remind us of the Italian designer Roberta di Camerino, who already in the 70s drew printed lines of folds, locks and patterns onto her collection and bags rather than sewing details onto them.

Strolling the streets of Venice (skirt by Matthew Williamson, T-shirt by Comme des Garcons, bag by Prada)
Prada bag fall 2015, glasses by Gucci

These bags create an illusion just like some book covers of the 50s and 70s, and we think that  they make a perfect match. One more reason to spend more time in vintage book stores to look for great cover designs on books.

The other advantage of carrying a pocket book in your pocket or hand is to actually read it. Instead of checking email or your Instagram account, reading a book is a treat these days. IRMA selected her favourite ones. We love the idea!

Olympia Le Tan
JW Anderson