Take a moment to powder your nose


Entering the powder room at Claridge’s Hotel in London makes me believe that I am on a cruise boat crossing the Atlantic during the 1930s. The walls are covered in mahogany and a thick and fluffy, floral patterned carpet welcomes you in the first part of the hotel’s powder room, where you can sit comfortably in a chair putting on some lipstick.

There is a lady who comes to you when you have washed your hands to hand over a little linen towel to dry your hands and to dry pat the sink after you to make this place impeccably clean. The wall paintings make you dream of a tropical island with turquoise trompe l’oeil paintings of lush green palm trees and of course the clientele is very chic as we are at Claridge’s. We think it is worth to pop by and take a lipstick break from busy Bond Street at this special Ladies Room before meeting your girlfriends for champagne rosé at the hotel bar.

This forgotten room of beauty rituals where women spend hours chatting and exchanging make-up, perfume and gossip needs to be revived, just think of the movie Women by Cukor….. I am not saying we should meet in the ladies room instead of the lobby, but IRMA checked out her favorite ones for you so when you are traveling you know where to go to freshen up and to enjoy beauty as it used to be.

The Colony is known for great traditional English and French cuisine, and their ladies room amenities are worth booking a table for lunch. Here you will find everything from perfume to hand lotion by English made organic beauty brands. Your refreshment will be a delight.

The rich and decadent decor of the Paris Shangri-La Hotel which is housed in a former home of the Bonaparte family, is opulent and flamboyant up to their powder rooms which consist of little private bathrooms where you have your own sink. They also have a cloth brush to dust off your coat.

Actually before you go down to Mr. Guy Martin’s restaurant on the Champs Elysées, you are in one of the most beautiful powder rooms of the world. On your sides you have big mirrors where the staff is offering you make-up and you can just go upstairs to be in Guerlain’s world of perfume or actually in perfume heaven. A perfect palace for tea in case you have forgotten your lipstick.

There is a bar in Munich which besides great cocktails and drinks has a beautiful powder room which could invite you to make it your own private party room, as it is a unisex place for women and men. I’ll have to ask if they might even serve you a cocktail there.

A German version of IRMA’s article appeared in ICON magazine. Read it here.