Summer jewels are easy

Jewellery is the last thing you add to your outfit and the first thing to take off when you get back home: before you leave the house: check in the mirror- if you don’t like how your jewellery compliments your outfit you take ONE piece off or ADD another piece. That usually fixes the disharmony and gets you ready to go


How jewellery and skin glow make a perfect match for summer

  1. Gold works for all skin tones, especially in summer. Even a pale skin can look more tanned when wearing gold jewellery.
  2. Play with volumes and wear very thin rings, bracelets and chains in combination with bulky jewels, just make sure that the metals work harmoniously together.
    Blu Collection by Kim for Wempe


  3. Summer is the perfect time for mixing real jewellery with fashion jewellery. Be playful and add coloured gemstones. Coral and turquoise are perfect for summer skin.
  4. Make sure to wear your rings looser in summer than in winter time. Your fingers tend to get swollen easier but watch out for not losing your rings when it is getting chilly at night.
    Bangels, Blu by Kim Collection, Wempe


  5. Bangles, chains and drop earrings or loops shout out it´s summer. Especially big earrings create a bohemian look.
  6. You might not wear a wrist watch in summer, especially on the beach but stock up with as many different bracelets, bangles and other arm candy.
    Drop earrings, Wempe


  7. Make sure that you do not sweat under your jewellery, which can create oxidation. For example, long, loose necklaces are a better choice than a tight choker.
  8. No make-up is needed when you wear big, coloured, bejewelled earrings, they illuminate your face and make your skin glow.


Wearing a ring Blu by Kim, 18K Rosé gold, with 8 diamonds, o,46 ct. on my wrist bangle Blu by Kim, 18 carat white gold and bracelet Blue XS, 18 K gold rosé, price upon request



This story was made possible with the support of the Gerhard D. Wempe KG