Skin Inc.: Customized skincare in a bottle

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You know we are serious about getting all the information about our favourite products from around the world. This time we went to Singapore and found out why Skin Inc. is everything you want in one tiny rainbow-coloured bottle.

Less is more – as long as it’s pure and potent. Singapore-based beauty company Skin Inc. is offering sophisticated new ways to create custom-made skincare solutions pare down the ever growing array of skincare products that most women use, making waves with its line of customized skincare serums. These serums are made of highly pure and concentrated ingredients and feels featherlight. The mix of serums delivers the exact benefits you want in a single candy-coloured bottle, so you no longer have to apply different lotions and creams for different concerns.

The three-minute online Skin Check assesses your skin type and will then give you recommendations for a customized serum. IRMA spoke with founder and CEO of Skin Inc., Sabrina Tan, about skincare routines and trends.

IRMA: What part of your beauty routine do you enjoy most?
Sabrina Tan: I have very sensitive and eczema-prone skin, hence I look forward to the soothing comfort of my customized serums which contains ceramide (to build the skin lip layer), hyaluronic acid (one drop holds 6 litres of water) and Vitamin A (against dullness, uneven skin tone and dark circles). I enjoy the few minutes that I spend on hydrating and prepping my skin every day. My favorite part is the application of My Daily Dose as I truly can feel the nourishment and indulgence on my skin with this customized step. At night, I will seal it in with our overnight hydrating mask which consists of rich minerals from deep sea water, soy and hyaluronic. Next would be the exfoliation as there is nothing more satisfying than having the dead skin roll off and create a smooth canvas ready for the nourishment to follow.

Sabrina Tan, founder and CEO of Skin Inc.
Sabrina Tan, founder and CEO of Skin Inc.

IRMA: What skin care trend can be ignored?
Sabrina Tan: It might be unusual to hear this from an Asian self-professed skincare junkie but I personally feel that the trend around adding more and more products to your daily regimen can in fact be avoided. The reality is that less is more even in skincare as long as you are taking care to use effective, performance-oriented products that are right for your skin. As a working mom, I feel like women should be empowered to do the best for their skin in a few simple, effective steps rather than feeling “guilted” into adding more and more steps. It is indeed possible to get awesome results without the fuss.

IRMA: What skin care trend should not be ignored? And why?
Sabrina Tan: I do believe that the trend towards one size fits one is one that should be embraced. With technology, a truly bespoke solution has finally become accessible to men and women. The other is beauty tools. Its liking bringing the dermatologist home with you!

IRMA: What makes you feel comfortable in your own skin?
Sabrina Tan: I think this is something that my mom instilled in me since I was very young. To be confident, self assured and comfortable in my own skin. I have a strong sense of self and am not afraid to go against the status quo. This is not to say that I don’t have moments of disquiet or nerves, but when I do, I think back to my purpose, beliefs and mission and that gives me the courage to keep moving ahead.