Severin*s – the Alpine Retreat

The Severin*s Lech modern chalet style retreat with only nine suits has all the assets of a private home situated in one of the best skiing resorts in the world. Although the resort needs to chauffeur its guests to the great Arlberg skiing area the benefit of this hidden jewel is the comfort and luxury of the suits, with custom made furniture by Minotti and hundred years old wooden floors, ceilings and walls.

Jasmin Khezri from irmasworld at the library of the Severin*s Lech

The minute you step into your room you feel the richness of the natural materials and the warming light. Walking barefoot on the slightly heated natural stone floor in the bathroom is a treat after a day in ski boots and the modern fireplace, which is prepared when you come home, is another luxury you can enjoy during your stay, along with the natural fabrics, leather-covered closet doors and fine bedding.

Selected books and Minotti table

Initially the Severin*s Lech was conceived and built for a British entrepreneur, who sold it to the German hotel group Severin*s. Maybe that’s why you get the feeling of a private residence in this small luxury hotel.

There is curated art by Vienna based gallery, Contemporary Art Advisers all through the hotel, by Julian Opie, Jim Dine and many more and the private library has a well curated book shelf of fiction and latest coffee table books.

The culinary aspect is covered by chef Hendrik Friedrich, whose cuisine blends classic Alpine dishes and ingredients with global influences, like the “Tiroler Alpengarnele” for example.

If you are a good walker you can go for an easy hike above the main road to walk into Lech village, or maybe you just want to return quickly after a day on the slopes back to the relatively large pool and different saunas to relax and enjoy the spa.

The Severin*s Lech is a good choice for a short ski break with all the luxury your body and mind can enjoy when it’s cold outside.


Things to do in Lech. Tips from Cecily Smedek, Gastgeberin at the Severin’s Lech:

IRMA: Your favorite thing to do in Lech besides Skiing?
CECILY SMEDEK: Definitely snowshoe hiking. Get yourself a guide and just explore the stunning nature of Lech/Zürs

IRMA: Where do you like to spend your free time in Lech, is there a favorite Cafe?
CECILY SMEDEK: I love to spend my time outdoors. I very much enjoy walking to Zug and hopefully enjoying some rays of sun at “Allerlei”

IRMA: The perfect week end treat at SEVERIN´S Lech looks like this…..
CECILY SMEDEK: if the weather is good you should start your day with an early breakfast and then spend the days outdoors skiing or just enjoying the flair of Lech. Once you return “home” to Severin*s hit the SPA and afterwards light your fireplace and enjoy a hot chocolate and our homemade cake in front of the real wood fireplace. Finish off your day with a good glass of wine and our fantastic dinner in the restaurant or if even in your room.

IRMA: Where do you take a break from skiing; do you have a favorite hut on the slopes?
CECILY SMEDEK: There are so many great spots to stop on the slopes that it’s hard to pick one – I love the traditional feeling of “Kriegeralpe”, but if I feel like something more modern with a great view it’s “Balmalp”