Scented candles for a Christmas interior at home

Imagine a room on a cosy, misty afternoon with a burning candle surrounding you with your favourite scent. Accompanied by a cup of tea and a good book – it fits like a glove.
We’ve selected the candles that are best suited for this dark but festive time of year to fill your mind with positive energy and enliven your senses.
Even if you are at home for the holidays, a fragrance can transport you to any destination, like Acqua di Parma`Panettone Candle vanilla perfume with a hint of citrus to southern Italy, or a night at Café Pushkin with sandalwood, cinnamon, iris and nutmeg, a scent created by Sophia Grojsman for Edition de Parfum by Frédéric Malle, Paris.

Here comes our edit for the moment to relax and let go, and the tips on how to care for your candle to make it last.



TRUDON Gabriel
Gabriel brings welcome warmth to cold winter afternoons. With notes of leather, cashmere wood and candied chestnuts, the fragrance weaves a contented atmosphere and cosy memories.

FREDERIC MALLE Russian Nights by Sophia Grojsman
Imagine a cold, snowy night in Café Pushkin, where rich spice cake is served with black tea from a silver samovar, while outside a snowstorm covers the streets and houses.

An exclusive panettone candle with a weave of sunlit swirls that scents the house with the iconic scent of Milan’s traditional festive pastry, such as vanilla, mandarin, bergamot and orange.

DIPTIQUE La Droguerie
This odeure neutralising candle is perfect in your kitchen after cooking Christmas dinner. The fragrance is based on basil, mint and tomato leaves, which create a neutralising and fresh scent.

PAUL SMITH Bookworm scented candle
The wax is in a tinted glass jar with a contrasting lid that doubles as a coaster – typical of Paul’s penchant for colour. The scent of grapefruit, amber, allspice and cedarwood suits almost any situation and any room.


Before burning a candle, cut the wick each time you use the candle.

Bathrooms call for cool, bright scents that smell clean and keep you awake. A mint candle won’t lull you to sleep, but it’s perfect for a clean scent in your kitchen. Bedrooms call for softer notes like iris and orris root, while violet provides a more feminine side. White flowers look inviting in the entryway, but ultimately it’s always a matter of taste.
When lighting a candle for the first time, burn it for about two hours or longer so that the entire top layer has melted before you extinguish it. This way, the entire surface burns evenly and there are no depressions that can deepen and form a cavernous hole where the wick is permanently lost.
Never burn a scented candle at the dining table as it will affect the smell and also the taste of your menu.