RED is my favourite colour – shopping with IRMA

Red awnings at the Hôtel Ritz, Paris, and red ballerinas by IRMA

It’s almost the end of the year and looking back I noticed that especially during winter time I am wearing red. Shades of red range from the brilliant yellow-tinged scarlet and vermillion to bluish-red crimson, and vary in shade from pale red pink to dark red burgundy.

Just to name a few good associations with the colour red, there is of course love, the red sky during sunset, the red color of the Grand Canyon, and the beauty of deep red flowers.

Red strawberries, red apples and reddish-brown autumn leaves are colored by anthocyanin, which is responsible for the health benefical nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

Red pigments made from ochre was one of the first colours used in prehistoric art and the deep red pigment of a pomegranate was used as blush on women’s cheeks for a natural glow enhancer.

Red has so many positive, energetic benefits and at this time of the year red also stands for a major winter sale – a perfect time to come shopping with IRMA.

Jasmin Khezri in a coat by Miu Miu, bag by Prada; red amaryllis flowers
Alexandre Birman
Karla Colletto
Simon Miller

Jasmin wears (from left to right): Look 1: suit by Jil Sander, belt by J&M Davidson, vintage Kelly bag by Hermès, Look 2: coat by Sportmax, red pants by Miu Miu, bag by Céline, Look 3: coat by MaxMara, handbag by Hermès, jeans by Vehemente and shoes by Chanel, Look 4: Same as look 2, shoes by Gucci