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Wonderstripes' Instant Glow Hydrogel Eye Pads work wonders against dark circles and puffy eyes.
Wonderstripes’ Instant Glow Hydrogel Eye Pads work wonders against dark circles and puffy eyes.

The inventor of WONDERSTRIPES, Ranja Hanano, talks to IRMA about her latest product, the Hydrogel Eye Pads which comes in handy every other day when travelling and especially during the cold winter months ahead to make your eyes glow and sparkle.

IRMA: How do you always come up with new ideas for the “little beauty helpers” that make the profile of your company?
Ranja Hanano: As a soccer and a working mum, I have to be very efficient to survive my normal crazy family-business life. So I love all kinds of tricks and beauty/life hacks and store practical, small things with a good impact in my bathroom and handbag. Before I founded WONDERSTRIPES Cosmetics, I worked for the fashion industry and always noticed all these professional things used during photoshoots and productions. Why not share all these little helpers  with “normal” women like me?

IRMA: Make-up preparation is so important. What product do you suggest to get started?
Ranja Hanano: I really like the feeling of the Hydrogel Eye Pads when you apply them. They have a cooling and a calming effect. So I try to integrate them into my beauty routine as often as I can. They soothe the fine lines under my eyes and I can apply my concealer afterwards without it getting stuck in the lines under my eyes.
What I really use everyday is our tonic. It is enriched with cucumber extract, D-Panthenol helps to tone, invigorate and hydrate, and it is perfect to prepare the skin for your day cream, foundation and make-up.

IRMA: What is the most sensitive area in the face that needs most attention and care?
Ranja Hanano: The skin around the eyes is much more thinner and has a weaker structure than other facial skin. So eyes are always a mirror of your life and therefore there are many types of dark circles: Due to nutrition or your lifestyle in general, too much computer, lack of sleep, lack of iron. So of course there is not one solution, but the eye area in general need a lot of hydration. The Hydrogel Eye Pads tackle the various problems of this sensitive area, smoothing wrinkles, minimizing dark circles and helping to reduce tear sacs and swellings.

IRMA: What can I do from the inside against dark circles?
Ranja Hanano: Don’t drink alcohol, drink lots of water, sleep min. 7-8 hours/night, get vitamins, practice sports regularly, breathe fresh air, live healthy. See, it’s easy! (Ha Ha!)

IRMA: Which is the best concealer ever you have personal used?
Ranja Hanano: I have tried a lot of different concealers. At the moment, I use the HIRO space balm and Und Gretel Tunkal and they both work perfectly for me.

IRMA: Do you have a tip to wake up tired eyes without removing your eye make-up?
Ranja Hanano: I love a cold spoon on my eyes!

IRMA: How can you protect the delicate skin of your eyes during the cold, frosty winter months?
Ranja Hanano: Normally I like light eye gels based on hyaluronic acid, but in winter, I protect my eyes with richer consistency products.

Ranja Hanano, founder of Wonderstripes
Ranja Hanano, founder of Wonderstripes