No concept store like Maison ARTC by Artsi Ilfrach in Marrakech

This concept store literally can be taken by its name. Maison ARTC (meaning My Country in Hebrew and Arabic) was created by designer Artsi who lives and works in Marrakech. He creates one-of-a-kind pieces for both men and women and shows his work also during Haute Couture Week in Paris.

His ideas come from his childhood memories and memoirs of nomads, Artsi’s world is beautifully portrayed every day on is Instagram account (@maisonartc) where he shows his current mood with the way he dresses and expresses himself. His unique designs are crafted exclusively from vintage fabrics and raw materials.

His shop is an experience and he gives vintage a different angle by combining Arabic elegance with European vintage chic all mixed up in his own unique way.

In London you can find his unique collection at Alex Eagle in London, in Marrakech at

IRMA: What does vintage mean to you?

ARTSI ILFRACH: A piece of history, a hand-made garment made by artisans, a piece of a memory and value.

IRMA: How do you relate to sustainability when it comes to fashion and design?

ARTSI ILFRACH: I am very much related to sustainability since the future of fashion should be on it, it comes with sensitivity, with creativity with respect and creation.

IRMA: You are posting a selfie every day. Your images express a strong message. How do you go about it: how long does it take you and what inspires you for your self portraits?

ARTSI ILFRACH: As this work is called “Piece of mind”, the idea behind it is to create every day a piece related to the state of mind that I am in that day. I would not call it selfie, because I don’t consider myself a part of it, but a tool to express myself.

IRMA: In which way do social media influence your designs and the way you think about design?

ARTSI ILFRACH: I don’t believe that social media influence me regarding my design but I do believe that it is a wonderful tool to reach a bigger audience to show my work.

IRMA: What does gender role mean to you?

ARTSI ILFRACH: I don’t consider gender roles when I design. They are just tags, and I am not into labeling people. And free enough that is genderless and everyone can wear it.

IRMA: Is love the purest force?

ARTSI ILFRACH: For me hope is the purest force, love comes after.

IRMA: Who would you like to wear your designs?

ARTSI ILFRACH: Individual people who know who they are and who are free enough to express themselves through clothes.

IRMA: What change would you like to see in yourself?

ARTSI ILFRACH: I don’t like to change myself but by growing up I am changing.