News from Paris


PARIS: Daniela Agnelli, our fashion reporter from the London Telegraph, is once again covering Paris Fashion Week for us. She tells IRMA which looks she will take with her for the new season’s fashion shoot and how she will already start wearing right away the spring / summer 2014 collections, even though it is getting cold outside.

Take her styling tips for your own pieces and get ahead with your favorite designers.

Also note her new look: Shoulder-length haircut and very strong eye brows, no make-up.

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Daniela Agnelli is fashion director of digital first Vogue Arabia and the former fashion director of ST Fashion and Telegraph Magazine. She grew up in Milan, Italy, and had a love of all things fashion from an early age. She moved to London 15 years ago and worked for publications in the UK and the US, including Marie Claire, InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar. She is dedicated to developing new projects and ideas for herself and Vogue Arabia. After fashion, her passions include traveling, golf, yoga and Pilates.

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