Natural Beauty


CAP D’ANTIBES: It does not take much to become a natural beauty. Actually you will enjoy life more because all that glow and stunning look comes from inside. Just imagine not spending hours at a hairdresser to get your hair straightened or permed; instead take a walk through a misty forest and have the beauty of nature decide your hair style.

Let’s list some little helpers that make it easy to become a natural beauty and to enjoy life at its fullest.

Start today and use the new REDERMIC R Eye cream with pure Retinol, making it a perfect base and protection for your eyes. Gucci left the skin bare during their autumn/winter 2015 runway show. The focus are your eyes; let them shine from inside and give them enough rest from everything they looked at all day long. This is why a true holiday needs a room with a calming view. The perfect match are trees and the ocean against blue sky.

Leave your skin nude with the new make-up line “LA CÔTE D’AZUR BY IRMA“ from BeYu. Make a high-quality eyebrow brush your most wanted beauty tool, because the eyebrows frame your face. Instead of make-up I use a drop of CLARINS HUILE IRISÉE APRÈS SOLEIL. Even on a cloudy day this nourishing oil illuminates and enhances my skin.

Surround your interior with greens and flowers. They should be the centre of your space along with a plate with fresh seasonal fruit. These natural objects will calm your mind and bring you beautiful thoughts.
To take away redness or shininess I recommend the face and tanning powder of the “LA CÔTE D’AZUR BY IRMA“ line. You will look as if kissed by the sun.

And at last, and this is no news, think of getting enough sleep, at least seven hours a night. It is free and the most effective treat.