More than one way to wear a Dior Skirt from Fall 2018

“Don’t buy much but make sure that what you buy is good.” 
― Christian Dior, The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman


Lately we are thinking a lot about values, sustainability, reuse and unique luxury.
The question is, how can we make luxury sustainable for ourselves, how can we enjoy things without overloading ourselves in a world where we have access to everything.

For us at Irmasworld it is all about how you live your life with less, but well edited products.

When you walk around with open eyes you will understand that our world is crowded with beautiful objects, fashion, art and useful tools. Most of us already have a huge bunch of things and then at the same time we have still cravings for the new and the different. We are hunters by nature and not store keepers.
Some of us have a talent to always look like wearing the latest fashion in style where as some of us are still looking and adding nonstop.

How do you wear the latest fashion? Like the advertisements of the fashion houses suggest or like your favourite actress, or do you need insurance to buy a label that shows the brand on the product for everyone else to know?

So, it’s all about editing and picking the right things and making maximum use of it. Of course, quality plays a big part and makes things more durable and robust.

Dior skirt ,blouse by Horror Vacui. Photo: © Mary Goldau

We picked one skirt from the Dior Fall 2018 Collection which can be worn as a skirt and also as a cape. The material, a thick wool tweed is perfect for both and the belt attached to the skirt makes it easy to hold as a cape.

Skirt / cape and bag: Dior, Photo: © Mary Goldau

You could also use it as a blanket on your couch. Or as a mini bustier dress, maybe by adding a belt around your waist.

The quality of DIOR’s designs are investments for a future that allows us to creatively play with new outfits. Fast fashion leaves you unsatisfied because you always think there is this ONE piece missing that you still need to buy to have the perfect wardrobe, with DIOR you already have the perfect wardrobe and can design your own style as you grow.

This is what we call a smart use of one must have autumn piece which can be mixed with previous seasonal fashion or latest accessories.
Next time you go shopping look for multiple usage of a product and feel good about your own creativity.

Slider left: Jasmin wears a skirt and bag by Dior Fall 201, cotton blouse by Horror Vacui, hand painted cotton shopper by irmasworld, men shoes by Church`s Slider Right: Skirt worn as a cape and booktote by Dior, cashmere sweater by Isabel Marent and jeans by Chloe.