Match My Day


LONDON: We cannot get enough of our favorite prints and the more the better. That might be the reason why our bags want to match exactly with the dress and the belt with the shoe, the trim line of my latest summer 2015 Prada skirt with the patterned heel of my platform sandal. Does it also make getting dressed easier? In terms of top to toe outfits definitely but  it also makes a super statement as fashion is for this season defined by prints and patterns. And then again, why don’t you break the rules and mix it all up or stay on the save side and go for an all-in-one colour look, which also matches perfectly.


GUCCI: A total denim look in sky blue hues
CHANEL: Rainbow-coloured prints for blouses and matching summer canvas boots
CHANEL: The overdecorated statement bag of the season matching a mud tone suede pants of the same tone
SIMONE ROCHA: Dress and shoes in the same floral prints
DOLCE & GABBANA: Bejewelled tops and matching mini bags instead of opulent jewellery
CHLOE: An all-in-one soft suede tone
PRADA: The trim line of the skirt is matching the heels of my platform sandals