Lovely clothes in times like these

The positive side of the pandemic is that we had the time to go on a digital journey and find new things. The interconnection between brands started a new wave and one day I got contacted by Maria De La Orden, a Spanish label, designed in Paris by the inspiring duo of Maria de la Orden and Laura de La Reveliere.

They send me a beautiful coat and I was curious to find out more about the brand.


IRMA: How did you start Maria de la Orden Studio?
MARIA DE LA ORDEN: The brand started around 6 years ago after a trip to Peru with my parents where I was fascinated by all the beautiful and colourful fabrics. I brought some of them home and started my brand as a hobby. Two years ago, I was joined by Laura De La Reveliere to bring more focus on the business side and so far we’ve experienced a lot of growth!

Maria De La Orden and her Business Parter Laura De La Reveliere in Paris.


IRMA: How do you source your ideas and find new inspiration for your design?
MARIA DE LA ORDEN: I find inspiration mostly on my travels and on the street, from contemplating art and watching old movies. For the winter collection I am always inspired by the French countryside and for summer I love looking at pictures that Slim Aarons took of the relaxed and elegant era of the 50s/60s, the Amalfi coast, Saint Tropez…

IRMA: Have you always been interested in Fashion, what was your path?
MARIA DE LA ORDEN: Since I was a teenager I loved to design and invent objects related to fashion, I have always had a very strong creative vein: I made bracelets and necklaces with my friends, we painted T-shirts, sneakers, pants, we reused fabrics… Then I started my brand at 19 and worked in various fashion internships and jobs while studying law and economics in Paris.

Wearing the Tulip Kimono in my Studio.


IRMA: You have different outlets of creativity, how is La Veste and MauLoa Home connected with each other?
MARIA DE LA ORDEN: MauLoa was how it all started and was more a family project. It is now more of a home line with some clothes from far away countries that is led by my mother, but we always support each other, and I collaborate with her sometimes. La Veste is different from Maria de la Orden in that its style is more fun, playful and risqué and fruit of my friendship with Blanca Miro.

Tulip Kimono by Maria De la Orden.


IRMA: Does the place where you live influence your design? And did that become more important since the pandemic?
MARIA DE LA ORDEN: Paris is of course the most interesting and inspiring city in the world, but I also love finding inspiration in my hometown Madrid, which I believe is very influential for the aesthetics of my brands. During the pandemic I was mostly in the French countryside which definitely inspired my winter collection a lot: think tweeds, capes, velvet… and stay tuned for the next winter collection as the country inspiration is even more visible!

IRMA: How do you think fashion and the way we dress will change after or during COVID 19?
MARIA DE LA ORDEN: For me personally it hasn’t changed a lot as I’ve stayed true to my personal style. I am not someone to wear sweatpants just because we’re staying more at home. I actually think people crave more playful and happy clothing in times like these and we hope we can deliver a good dose of that.

I use a vintage Hermes scarf as a belt to keep the coat closed.


IRMA: Where would you like to travel to if you could go on a journey now?
MARIA DE LA ORDEN: Literally anywhere. Preferably warm countries like India, South America… Hopefully traveling will be easier soon again!