L9 Restaurant, Tate Modern: Dine & Wine like Picasso  

Bacon Crapiaux, Tortilla with Aioli, Rabbit.

Book a table for lunch at L9 Restaurant after you have visited the latest Picasso exhibition, Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame, Tragedy, at Tate modern.

Indulge in Pablo’s favourite meals, inspired by the artist`s life, his favourite restaurants and the culinary experiences that inspired and sustained him.

Atashroo, Chef of L9 restaurant, has explored the areas Picasso where lived, including Malaga, Barcelona, Paris and Normandy. The menu also reflects the artist’s financial situation at different points of his life and how this affected his choice of meals.

A main course of ‘Fernande’s’ bean & vegetable stew’, alludes to the story of when the artist’s credit ran out at Lapin Agile.

The view from the L9 Restaurant, Tate Modern London. Photo courtesy Tate Modern

Fernande was his first long-term partner in Paris and the couple would subsist on this warming and filling stew during this period. On a good day, when they had the extra money they would add a bacon knuckle to the dish. In his later years, when money was no longer a concern, Picasso developed a taste for more exotic additions such as smoked eel added to the pot. Consequently, ham or eel are available as a supplement to the dish.

Interior of the L9 Restaurant, Tate Modern London. Photo courtesy Tate Modern

Back in Spain, the artist would frequent the Matisquerias (seafood stalls) in and around the beaches of Catalonia, dining on squid and cuttlefish cooked in squid ink, with his artist friends Nonell and Casagemas. Chef Atashroo discovered that many years later the artist ran away with Francoise Gilot to the French Riviera. The couple engaged in a passionate love affair and spent days gorging on fresh seafood. As a nod to this time of his life, the team has created an outstanding seared squid, black rice, peppers and almonds.


Chef Atashroo commented: “I enjoyed researching this menu and entwining memories and moments from the Picasso’s life into the menu’s ingredients and dishes. Such as, in an interview with Vogue in 1964, Picasso pronounced this as his favourite dish of all time: Traditional Spanish tortilla with aioli, which harks back to his roots; his love of eggs, garlic and Spanish produce. So, it’s on the menu!”

The Picasso inspired menu will be served until September 9th, 2018


Set Menu

2 courses for £39.50, including a ticket to the exhibition.

Sommelier Wine Pairing – 1 glass £8, 2 glasses £15.50, 3 glasses £23


Spanish tortilla with aioli

Brandade with egg yolk & “samfaina sauce”

Bacon crapiaux, andouillette & mustard


“Fernande’s” bean & vegetable stew

Seared squid, black rice, peppers & almonds

Roasted Rabbit leg, braised chickpeas & sobresada


Black Risotto with Squid, Tortilla with Aioli, Bacon_Crapiaux , Painting small, seated women by a window, Painting large , Pablo Picasso, La Lecture (The Reading) 1932 : The artist’s “muse” Marie-Therese Walter asleep in a chair with a book in her lap.