It is official now: we will stay at home for Easter

And as most of us by now are trying to get used to the idea of trading the beach with our garden or terrace, enjoying the blue hour in the living room instead of the pool bar, we also have to find a solution for our holiday wardrobe.

We are therefore particularly proud of our latest collaboration with the German fashion label Casa Nata (Casa Nata x IRMA) where we designed a caftan together with the artistic director Carolin Sangha.

The mousseline caftan comes in two length, white and black with a line artwork by IRMA made of a ribbon stitched onto the fine mousseline.

Jasmin Khezri shows various ways of wearing the caftan dress formal in the city, casual at your home; elegant for evenings or business-like during the day.
Still you can look forward to also wear this caftan dress with the original Flip Flops (Carolin had invented these in 1998) to the beach, hopefully very soon.

Follow our styling tips on wearing a caftan dress in your hometown ☺


Your choice of accessories give your outfit the formal look to wear in the city. Leather bags instead of linen totes, loafers instead of mules, make your look more formal.


Built up on materials, the slightly transparent mousselin needs a formal jacket on top when being in town. Take away even more transparency by wearing pants under the dress, so that the caftan becomes a shirt.


Get dressed in jewellery and make a statement either for day or night.
Daytime organic, sculptured earrings make an impression and heavy pearls and gold chains by Chanel get you dressed up in the evening.
It is all about contrast.


We love the comfortable espadrilles by Casa Nata but you can push your style also into a business outfit by wearing loafers, either classic or as a fashion statement (Loewe)
If you feel like getting dressy why not a high heel to a long dress that makes the impression of a party dress or even ball gown. Make it look effortless by mixing it with beachy accessories like the IRMA basket or the mousseline scarf by Casa Nata X Irmasworld, maybe wear it around your head or use it as belt around the hip.