IRMAS summer capsule collection at Gallery Michael Meyer in Sylt- perfect for a day at the beach

We are happy and proud to be part of the Vogue loves Kampen event taking place from the 25th / 26th of July 2019 at the  Gallery Michael Meyer’s concept store in Kampen, together with the collection of Daniel Wingate, William Fan and others.

Our hand-painted basket collection is made from woven palm leaves with leather handles. The black line art is directly painted onto the basket by the illustration artist Jasmin Khezri and the edition is limited to 150 pieces for summer 2019.

We will allow you a sneak preview of a new collaboration due to be released later in the year: IRMA x CASA NATA, the resort brand, known for their mousseline and fine linen resort wear, caftans, palazzo pants and scarfs. Jasmin Khezri created a unique embroidered line art for different pieces in black and white. A perfect match for the things Michael Meyer has curated in his unique store in Kampen.

Shop the collection at Gallery Michael Meyer or the baskets at Irmasworld.

Models at Gallery Michael Meyer Kampen present the IRMA x Casa Nata capsule collection perfectly matching the Limited-edition summer basket by Irmasworld. Pack all beauty essentials into your basket for a perfect day at the Frisian coast. IRMA’S TIPP: The scarf can be used as a headband, knotted around your basket, as a pareo or a blanket to lay down in the sand, or you can frame it and hang it up the wall.



The illustration art is hand painted by Jasmin Khezri directly onto the basket and the black line art on the caftans is stitched onto the fine mousseline.



The Fashion Show at Gallery Michael Meyer for the Vogue Loves Kampen Shopping Festival from July 25th / 26th July 2019. The collection can be purchased all summer long.