IRMAS Advent Calendar – 7th December





7th DECEMBER: I like to be organized. When I am travelling or working I love to have files, pouches and of course iPhone & iPad cases for my gadgets and I love to change the cases of my phone according to my mood or my favourite handbag to match. This is why I like the IRMA cases because they show IRMA in various situations at different places, just anywhere she gets around. I also use the cover of the iPad for my notebook when I have business meetings outside the office or when I go out and do some sketches.

Another point not to forget, it really protects your different gadgets and IRMA’s bright colour scheme makes it easy to find my ringing iPhone in a XXL oversized bag.

FOR WHOM IT MIGHT BE PERFECT: It makes a perfect gift for the person in need for structure, organization and with a passion for traveling.

We would like to invite you to register here and win a set of Caseable covers and cases.