IRMA loves a glass of chilled Rosé

IRMA loves a glass of chilled Rosé

That was my first thought when the Swedish wine online merchant ask me to design the label and chose the flavour of an IRMA wine.

I travelled to Stockholm in cold and icy January and visited the Wine A Porter headquarter. After a lovely lunch (Stockholm has the most wonderful restaurants with the freshest fish you can imagine) I had a long session with the house’s Sommelier.

It was important that the IRMA’S Rosé is not sweet in flavour but rather round, dry and fresh. Once the flavour and shape of the bottle and etiquette was found I went back into my Munich Studio to design a matching wine label. Should IRMA be sitting, standing with friends at the bar or enjoying her time at the golden sunset hour? So many opportunities and after sketching for some hours I found her in the perfect position to put her on the bottle. Voila!

IRMA’S Wine, Rosé by Wine A Porter

My first wine for Wine A Porter is a Rosé and there is a red one to follow this autumn.


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