Instantly and forever Tom Ford


Do you remember when fashion shows were still accessible only to a very few, in chic, intimate locations or at the fashion house itself?

Tom Ford  knows everything about initiating a glamorous moment and invited only a small inner circle of editors, celebs and NY society to his presentation of the Fall 2016 Prêt-à-porter show in New York’s former Four Seasons restaurant for a dinner and fashion show. Yes, fall and not spring 2017. And it gets even more complete, as you had the chance to buy everything from the catwalk straight away the next day on Madison Avenue.

The contrast of high luxury accessible for everyone right away is a new phenomenon which will give fashion a new direction. But how about beauty collections, colours and trends? Don’t we want to have that new lipstick immediately when it was shown on the catwalk?

Today we will focus on a classic, the 10-year anniversary of Tom Ford’s first perfume, Black Orchid. Of course it comes in an elegant retro black flacon, as part of a unique beauty- and make-up collection, and makes any dressing room complete.

There is a beautiful limited edition of Black Orchid with only 1,200 bottles. Made of black crystal with a surrounding TOM FORD logo upon a 23-carat gold bottom, it was created by the famous French glass manufactory Lalique.

But back to the lipstick, which is a bit more of the affordable luxury: There are two lipstick colours, solid wine red and tender rosé, encased with the typical creases design we know from the flacons. Along with the rosé or nude of the Nightbloom Powder and the solid perfumes of BLACK ORCHID and VELVET ORCHID, your dressing table changes into one like back in the Golden Twenties. Elegant and valuable little cases which match your clutch or your travel bag as perfectly well as your dressing table.

Happy Birthday, Black Orchid!