I still have some time!

Acne Cruise Collection. Slider on homepage: agenda and bangle by Hermès
Acne Cruise Collection. Slider on homepage: agenda and bangle by Hermès

PARIS: “I still have some time!“ Just imagine you can say that to yourself or a friend. This phrase turns out to be true luxury. When was the last time you said to yourself, Oh what could I do this afternoon, I have nothing planned, I am ready with work, all errands are done and I feel happy to just hang out for the rest of the day.

We thought about that and felt that no-one in our office feels  wealthy of time. This is why we sat down and wrote together IRMA’s best tips to save more time, get better organized and to think twice when, with whom and how you are spending time, so that eventually you will get lots of free time for yourself. It should work — so do let us know if you have some time.


How does it feel to have lots of spare time? Most of us don’t even know that anymore, which is why you have to become aware of this feeling from scratch. Make time for a weekend when you have nothing planned (a week would be even better), take a holiday to do absolutely nothing. Just hang out, read, eat your favorite foods and spend the days as you wish, but try not to go shopping or meet your friends who are putting new ideas into your head about what to do, unless you really want to or miss them so much. How does it feel?

Start writing a time diary: How much really free time did you have today? How did you spend it and how did you feel?

Think twice whether you are really short of time or is it just a pretext to seem very busy. Isn’t it almost standard these days to say, Oh we have to see each other, but I am so busy at the moment… Come on, if you really want to see someone you take the time.

Think about services you could use to have more time for the better things in life. I order my foods at Whole Foods or Alnatura; I sometimes have my hair cut at home from a stylist who does home treatments, and I walk or take my bike in the summer months wherever I go so I do not have to invest extra time in a fitness studio or Pilates class.

Do a social media free weekend. That way your head will get lesser information and less ideas of what to see, get or look at. It is a visual detox which actually can save a lot of time.

Do something in the city you live that you normally don’t do. The other day I reckoned that I had never been at the Staatsbibliothek in Munich. I spent almost three hours in there, reading my way through and really enjoyed it. When I got out, I felt that this time investment was really worth it. A fantastic feeling!