How to get the winter glow

Jasmin Khezri wears a morning gown by Horror Vacui with her own mink cuffs, sunnies by Italia independent. IRMA’s essentials for a winter glow from left to right: Lancaster Sun Control and Lancaster Sun Sport Face Stick, use daily before leaving the house; EMMA S., treatment overnight repair mask before going to bed at least twice a week; Crème fraiche de beauté by NUXE, use almost daily, especially when it is very cold, and BIO EFFECT, EGF Eye Serum, use several times during the day, especially when changing climate zones.

We all know that the winter climate is challenging for your skin, whether you are spending time outdoors while commuting, during lunch break, jogging, doing winter sports or a calming, refreshing walk in the park on weekends.

If you stay in one climate zone, your skin adapts to it but if you are a lucky traveler escaping the cold and traveling to sunnier parts of the world, it means stress for your skin.

Summer sun: Protection and hydration is key, but less is needed, just take advantage of the air, warmths and if possible the sea water.
Winter sun: Again protection is the most important and top up your skincare routine at night with some extra serums and overnight masks to boost your skin after a day outside in the cold.

So, wherever you might be, IRMA picked some of her favourite skincare products that balance your skin and are made for the perfect holiday glow.

Take good care of your skin in the winter sun. The higher above sea level you are, the more intense and even aggressive the sun. It may even be doubled by a white winter wonderland, which reflects sun rays just like water at the beach. And beware: a cloudy sky does not save you from a sunburn, least of all in the mountains and by the sea. An ideal choice might be Sun Control of Lancaster’s sun line. And of course, they also know what our skin needs after sunset: In January, Lancaster is going to launch the line Total Age Correction Amplified. Day creams and night cream come with an optimized formula of the Total Age Correction line plus a very new Dark Spot Corrector. All technologies are improved and coordinated much more effectively to take advantage of synergy effects.

We all love beauty treatments which are easy and straightforward, like Treatment Overnight Repair Mask by Swedish skincare brand Emma S. Sort of a beauty-quickie, you don’t have to do anything but sleep. The texture, very unusual for a mask, is light so your pillow won’t get smudged. It firms, calms, deeply moisturizes and therefore gives an intensive glow boost to your skin – wake up and you will be happy looking into the mirror!

A rich moisturizer like Crème fraîche de beauté with a variety of nurturing plant milk-extracts is the perfect match for dry to very dry skin types to treat your skin right during the day while you spend hours indoors and outdoors. If you have more oily skin, a lighter texture should be your choice.

The Icelandic brand is known for its unique biotechnological extraction of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), a protein which is part of our skin and operates as a messenger to the point of the skin’s own collagen synthesis. EGF + 2A Daily Treatment is a double skincare routine repairing and protecting your skin from environmental conditions.

With the kind support of Lancaster Beauty, Nuxe, Emma S., Bio Effect