How a wildlife Safari can detox your mind

Jasmin Khezri and Chena Huts Chief Ranger Dhanushke Halwathura

There are many ways to reset your mind and lately we feel that this business of detoxing thoughts and spirits is booming. Maybe that is why the founding family of the Chena Huts by Uga Escapes who had been inspired by the South African Safari Lodges, have created a unique experience around the game drives at Chena Huts. This 14 huts wildlife camp is situated close to the Yala National Park, very South in Sri Lanka.

The concept is slightly different to a normal resort or hotel. There is no concierge but a Ranger and there are no bills but one fee for all-inclusive and there are many rules to treat and respect nature by heart.

The tours are tailored with great experience and care to your personal wishes. You can take two drives per day. One in the early morning and one in the afternoon. If you are lucky, which we were, you can see leopards, eagles, dears, rare birds and crocodiles.

We were guided by Chena Huts Chief Ranger Dhanushke Halwathura who took us with a driver and a local scout into the jungle.

The moment we enter Block 5 of the Yala National Park everyone is whispering and of course cell phones stay slient.

We drive slowly towards a glade and start looking into the green splendour of the jungle in front of us,
Soon we hear monkeys communicating that there is danger in sight and only five minutes later you see a female leopard stepping out of the green.

Leopard at Yala National Park, © Dhanushke Halwathura

The excitement to see this beauty is evident but we keep it cool and enjoy the sight and the whispering of experts exchanging leopard facts & figures.

The experience is unique as too major things are happening. You have not felt closer to nature before and the sound of birds and animals is turning into a meditative chant.

Axis Deer at Yala National Park, © Dhanushke Halwathura


Bee Eater Bird at Yala National Park, © Dhanushke Halwathura


Water Buffalo at Yala National Park, © Dhanushke Halwathura

You feel very close to yourself and very much appreciate inner happiness, maybe because you are an inhabitant of this world or just feel that inner peace, the ambience of fauna, animal world and flora creates a very honest idea of spending your time.

Time doesn’t matter and you are willing just to sit still and wait, your eyes wondering along the trees and the sky, and very quick all of a sudden night falls and the game drives are over. We go back to the camp and exchange views, experiences and ideas on how to hold on to the positive energy one gets from doing a Safari.

Interior of a hut at Chena Huts by Uga Escapes


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