Reconnect to nature at Chena Huts in Sri Lanka

Chena Huts by Uga Escapes
  is situated in the very south of Sri Lanka close to the Yala National Park.

It is quite a journey coming down from Colombo by car but the travel by itself is already a journey experience and once you arrive at the wildlife lodge you will get rewarded in every aspect. (there is a 45 minutes helicopter service for the impatient ones)

We arrived just shortly before sunset and after an introduction on how to get around and behave in the wilderness by our personal Ranger Danu we enjoyed the evening mild winds at the terrace sipping Gin Tonics and watching the elephants trotting down to the beach.

It is a true miracle to visit this place. Not only do you feel completely cocooned into the great energy nature gives you, but you will reconnect to yourself as your senses are sharpened and your mind all of a sudden has room for so much more.

Green Luxury: My daily sip of fresh lime juice with water and the very natural design of the interior, kept in basic but luxurious materials and shape.

Chena Huts is a perfect combination of luxury relaxation, maybe by the pool or in your Villa’s garden and the adventure of a game drivesin their close by national park.
There is a magic about waiting for a leopard stepping out of a jungle or watching crocodiles and exotic birds.
When you have experienced a game drive once you will know why this experience can get you hooked and make you an annual repeater.

Coming back after night falls from your Safari experience is truly rewarding.
Take a hot bath with the homemade sea salt scrub from the salines close by and listen to the crickets chirping.

The rough sea in Sri Lanka is not meant for swimming but the rounded stones look like sculptures

All meals are a natural gourmet experience as there are cooked with homemade and grown ingredients and are put together in a very delicious, fine way. A fusion of Sri Lankan cooking. For example, have a poached egg on dark bread with chilly and basil sauce, very simple and extremely good.

Keep in mind that a few days in a wild lodge also comes with precautions, at Chena Huts you should not walk around the beach by yourself as animals might cross your way and swimming in the sea like in most parts of Sri Lanka is not recommended.

But just sitting by the sea and watching the waves is making your stay complete and you will reflect on your inner self with a new perspective, promised.

The pool in the centre of the camp is a perfect place to rewind after a Safari or read a book. Watch the dragonflies over the pool and take a swim. Bag by Jil Sander, Foulard by Hermès.


Jasmin wears a silk foulard dress by Hermès


The emerald pool side and the beauty of an elephant at Chena huts, Jasmin wears a Hermes foulard silk dress.

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