Green always works – the power of herbs

Herbs are full of positive benefits, and some should be kept handy at home. (Carré Beta dress by Hermès)

By Anna-Maria Karstens

Isn’t it good to know that herbs have so many benefits in addition to smelling wonderfully? Whether it’s for culinary or medicinal purposes – IRMA selected the most effective ones to always have handy at home. You might use the fresh leaves as decorative elements to pimp up your home or sleep with them under your pillow. If you want to go a step further, you might even pick up gardening skills and plant them yourself in your garden or on your windowsill. We guarantee it has a healing effect.


• Benefits: energizing, heightens psychic awareness and creative power

• Drives away laziness or negativity from a room

• Delicious addition to baked goods

• Place a bag under your pillow at night to make your dreams clearer and prevent nightmares

• Let it grow in moist soil in a sunny, sheltered site


• Benefits: cleansing, anti-inflammatory, promotes maturity

• Burn dried sage for cleansing purposes

• Clean scent and antibacterial properties support you in personal growth

• Let it grow in a well-drained pot with plenty of sunlight


• Benefits: relaxing, comforting, sleep-inducing

• Helps unwind from stressful days

• Great use in the culinary or perfume functions

• Let it grow in a warm and dry area in bright light


• Benefits: healing, encouraging, radiates warmth and positivity

• Increases your chances for a good night’s sleep

• As an alternative to chamomile tea, make ginger chamomile popsicles with lemon and honey (find the recipe here)

• Let it grow in part shade and dry soil.


• Benefits: energizing, stimulating, palate cleansing

• Provides relief from nausea, depression, fatigue and headache

• Keep a jar of mint next to your bed for a refreshing start to every morning

• Let it grow in moist soils


• Benefits: uplifting, rejuvenating, cleansing, memory boosting

• Loaded with antioxidants and very aromatic, it is a great culinary condiment

• A strong infusion of rosemary is an excellent herbal rinse for hair

• Let it grow in a cool, bright place


• Benefits: positive, encouraging, renewing

• Purifies your home

• Increases confidence – keep it near you before a big event to ease feelings of nervousness

• Let it grow in light, dry conditions