Go greener with  5 clever beauty products

What we loved best from the recent Beauty Press days has been the fact that most brands think green by now and create products that try to make our world a better place.

Here are my favorites:

Reusable Pads & Sheet masks

Reusable eye pads by Apricot

“Are sheet masks our new straws?” – this headline I read a few days ago and was like: Yes, they are. But not all of them. Because the brand APRICOT has sheet masks and patches like the Eye Pads, you can use each of them for more than 30 times. Reduce, reuse, recycle


Reusable cotton swab

Stop wasting plastic and reuse your cotton swab

At this time my personal beauty Oscar belongs to: JACKS BEAUTYLINE for their Corrector Brush which is like a reusable cotton swab. Jacks Beautyline is a brand for very beautiful and high-quality vegan brushes and one of their latest products – and a bestseller so far – is the reusable cotton swab. It looks like a brush and you can replace it after use and clean it with a mild soap.


My niece gave me a book about how to replace plastic in our life. It is not easy but practicable. Fortunately a lot of brands like Nui thinks the same way and so the created a packaging for pressed powders and Eyeshadows without any plastic. It is made in berlin from 100 % recycled fibres and compostable – and it looks really nice and high-class.



Fill it again and again …

Refills by Benecos for less plastic.

Refillables are the future I believe. Because it is the only way to stop wasting plastic packaging. So you can refill a lot of Body Lotions or Shower Gels, but this is my favourite: The It-Pieces Refill Palette from the natural beauty brand BENECOS. You can create your own palette with eyeshadow, pressed powder, highlighters, bronzers and blush and so you will get 29.723 possible combinations.



Leave memories not waste

Only glass bottles in my bathroom, Nooii

Everybody is talking about microplastics so I cleaned up my bathroom and now you will find a new brand called NOOII (this means Natural Or Organic Ingredients Inside). All products like the Organic Body & Hand Lotion or the Body & Hand Wash comes in glass bottles, are 100 % biodegradable, the labels are printed on stone paper and 2 % of every sold product will be donated to “Ocean Care”.