Forestis. Embrace nature

A heaven like retreat above the clouds in a beautiful South Tyrolean valley allows an eco-friendly luxury. A former sanctuary for Popes and pontiffs, to feel, touch and scent the purity of the forest and its healing remedies.

Arriving at FORESTIS is an experience by itself when driving up the road through the forest to a arrive almost at the peak of the mountain where the main building welcomes you. Designed as a sanatorium for the Austrian monarchy, then used as a summer retreat for the Vatican, it now houses the lobby, restaurant and bar and stands in perfect contrast with the three high rising new towers that locate the tower suits and roof top bar, waya room for yoga and meditation, as well as a fitness studio.

The Penthouse suite: A room with a view. Forestis Dolomites

The architecture is minimalistic, with the owner’s art, sculpture, and furnishings to let the outside in. You feel the materials and space in your apartment that create space for your mind and soul.
Local materials, like dolomites stones a huge window front that showers you with light and the scent of wood along the walls and floor give your room all the benefit of the region’s healing and de-stressing power the minute you arrive.

The Restaurant at Forestis by chef Roland Lamprecht.

The spring of the famous Plose water provides you with the best mineral water in your room, shower, and pool. Imagine to swim in the water you buy in bottles at your organic grocery store, or to wash your hair, brush your teeth with.

Teatime with homemade Tartelettes. Forestis Dolomites

The food full fills all the promises I had imagine. All hand – and home-made, just thinking of the famous Tyrolean Schüttelbrot, marmalade and jams, regional cheeses, and famous cold cuts of course all seasoned with the herbs from the forest and the pureness from soil, heaven, and air.

Speisekammer at Forestis

Breakfast and dinner is served in the grand dining hall which is designed in a modern lay out resembling a theatre.
The service is just perfect as the waiters are almost unnoticeable serving each table in a friendly way.
At night the atmosphere changes and the padded seating give all the cosiness and privacy you are looking for, especially in times like today.

The Forestis menu underlines again the concept of the house and I like the simplicity, combined with the rafinesse that creates a modern, effortless luxury for all senses, for example, the fist starter, cauliflower salat is served in a large bowl, which you than serve directly on plates at the table.

Outdoor pool with water from the Plose spring. Forestis Dolomites

The wine cellar offers all the regional specialties, that are of great tastes and variety.

To spend a weekend at Forestis means a load of energy and recharge, that you will find in the hotel’s spa. With an outdoor and indoor pool, of course filled with regional Plose water. Different saunas of all variations that keep you detoxing and a lounge area that creates an intimate atmosphere while you relax.

Penthouse suite in tower 3. Forestis Dolomites

The beauty of this place is not seasonal, you will feel the energy of this stunning countryside throughout the entire year.

The tower by architect Armin Sader. Forestis Dolomites


Relaxation at the SPA based on the Wyda concept.


Morning swim in the 36° warm outdoor pool. Forestis Dolomites