Pretty hands and nails make work more fun

Collage-Hands 2

The good feeling you get when working with freshly manicured hands is great fun. You will love what you do more, even when you might not be working with your hands. Just looking at them makes you feel groomed, feminine and you will view your hands proudly.

It’s worth putting all the effort into a good manicure, have it done professionally or do it yourself at home like IRMA. You just need the right tools and some helpers (see below) that will do the job.

1.  Play with colours, according to your mood. Red or pale pink are our favourites but why not use a mint green to go with your khaki pants. A hint of colour can give a classic outfit an edge and unusual colour combinations make your jewellery, especially rings, sparkle. We like the latest trend colours by ESSIE.

2. If you apply a rich moisturiser to your hands and nails day and night, not only will your skin condition improve —  and cuticles look better —  but nails will become stronger and, what is crucial, be more flexible. Have Huile Abricot by CHRISTIAN DIOR on your bedtime table and make it a routine to apply it morning and night around and onto your nails.

3. Wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands from the drying effects of washing-up liquid and other household detergents will make a huge difference to nail strength.
But the other thing that is essential for strong nails and younger looking hands is regular application of a rich hand cream. Forget paint-on strengtheners, hardeners and breakage-beaters, a good hand cream will take care of all that. We like CLARINS Crème Jeunesse des Mains, which also strengthens the nails.

4. If you like the idea of a beauty set that you can take with you when traveling and that also makes application quicker and easier, go for the SALLY HANSEN Color Therapy Set, which holds all you need for pretty, natural looking hands.

5. Keep cuticles neat by pushing them back gently after your bath or shower, with the corner of a towel or rubber-tipped hoof stick. Use a treatment that upholds the health of your nails. IRMA uses STORM Vitamin Base coat by INTENSAE, at least three times a week.