Face Oil & why they are good for you

When you’re aiming for firmer skin, a radiant complexion, or enhanced hydration, there’s a reliable face oil for the job. Whether it’s a serum boasting significant oil content, a cleansing oil, or a day/night facial oil for skin tightening, now is the opportune time. While the chilly winter weather prompts many to opt for a silky, comforting oil, the very act of applying these formulations to the skin provides a sense of satisfaction, and there are several reasons for this:

1. Face oils go beyond being mere super moisturizers; in fact, they don’t fall into the moisturizer category at all. Since oils lack humectant properties, they can’t draw in moisture from the surrounding environment, and as a result, they don’t truly hydrate the skin. Therefore, labelling oils as moisturizers is inaccurate, as they don’t penetrate the dermis and bind water to skin cells like moisturizing creams do.

Oils play a role in creating a protective layer.

2. Applying a nurturing oil over the top of a good hyaluronic acid treatment, for example, will make sure you get the most from your product.

Or apply oil following a toner to massage your skin with Gua Sha stones, tone again, and then proceed to add serum and moisturizer for an ideal skincare routine.

3. Every skin type can benefit from an oil: The key is simply using the right one. “The trick to using one in your skincare routine correctly and successfully is to select an oil that is well suited to your particular skin type.
Jojoba oil is extremely lightweight and helps dissolve serum, so it’s perfect for combination skin, while grape seed oil has astringent properties and is suited to oily skin. Drier skin needs a heavier oil and particularly ones rich in oleic acid^, which is very hydrating and helps to seal in moisture – try almond and marula oils.

Steer clear of mineral oil, coconut oil, and argan oil. Instead, consider the benefits of others such as tea tree and jojoba, which can work wonders, particularly for easily upset complexions.

4. Essential oils do have some benefits but are much more likely to cause irritation and reactions, so it’s best to avoid them due to their tendency to cause reactions in sensitive skin.

Tea tree and lavender – are generally extremely well tolerated (and beneficial) to skin.

Apply essential oil selectively, focusing on specific points such as your forehead. For instance, peppermint oil can be used to release tension, mandarin oil is known for evoking harmony, and lavender has a calming effect.


Here are our favourite oils at the moment

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