École des beaux-arts de Paris: Staying fit with Hermès

This week from the 1st to the 5th of December you can dive into the sportive world of Hermès Fit which will take place in Paris at the École des beaux-arts.

Dive into a world of sports and fitness, practicing a variety of original activities, like Yoga, aerobics, boxing, gymnastic and ping pong to name a few and every activity will be accessorised with Hermès. Imagine table tennis rackets with an Hermès signature foulard design, boxing bags covered with silk foulards and every gymnastic exercise tool shines in tangerine, bright orange.
Even the climbing wall orange, the exercise ball and weight lifts are in the signature Hermès orange.

And the best, you can actively take part, welcomed by a team of coaches (in orange!) tracksuits and sportive outfits. Drop off your personal belongings in the cloakroom (again, orange) and select a gear before joining the activity of your choice, whether it be yoga to find serenity, weightlifting with Hermès shoes as weights, or toning up your body with a coach.

You can stay fit with Hermès for free and get your lips done with the Hermès lips sticks after your training. Get even more into your sportive act while being inspired for the world of Hermès sporting goods and accessories you want to shop immediately or simply dive into this orange covered world while listening to the DJ tunes.

Open to the public, Hermès Fit marks the beginning of a series of events with a joyful and generous spirit, with stops all over the world, from Chengdu to New York to Tokyo, starting this week in Paris. We love the combination of physical exercise with the brand’s emblematic accessories and the happy attitude of a positive and healthy vibe.

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