Eat right and sleep well. 22 tips to fall healthy asleep

Black and white ink artwork by IRMA

A good night sleep can be easier than you think. Getting your skin nourished from inside while you sleep comes along when eating right. Also you wake up refreshed.
Follow these tips and sleeping becomes your favourite beauty ritual.

  1. Eat protein at night to stabilise blood sugar levels that lead to a deeper sleep and keeps blood sugar levels at their optimum all night long. Balance the protein well and also include Avocado to regulate hormones. Do not forget a complex carbohydrate to ensure you don’t go to bed too hungry.
  2. Did you know that Broccoli, Brassica cauliflower and Kale help to support your liver. Steam them lightly instead of eating them raw or boiled too well. One way or the other they would trouble your system, but lightly steamed they do have a detoxing effect and still have the vitamins.
  3. Kick start the production of your sleep hormone, Melatonin and try organic turkey which is full of Tryptophan or Salmon, high in omega 3 and vitamin D. As desert a banana would be perfect. Full of potassium and magnesium that help to relax your muscles.
  4. During colder month choose rather something warm or hot like a soup instead of salads at night. Raw vegetables and salads have a cooling effect, keep your digestive system awake and stop making you sleep.
  5. Needless to say that alcohol and fried food are restless and besides making your skin puffy and dull the fats and sugar will keep you awake.
  6. Rather use oils like Evening Primrose Oil, a spoon of Omega 3 oil or some Linseed oil on your vegetables , as these oils work perfectly on your skin from inside out while you sleep. CBD oil can help to quieten a busy mind
  7. If you do need a sleeping supplement choose a natural sleeping aid, like a magnesium citrate supplements at 500-800mg or zinc before going to bed.
Black and white ink artwork by IRMA