Colours from our studio for November

When you think of November, the colour grey might come to your mind, but in our case, when we prepared an edit of our current collection, we thought that autumn deserves more than just shades of grey. Here is our edit of autumn colours, how to match and combine them, and which accessories make up the perfect autumn look.



When mixing shades of red, never stay in the same tonality. Bright red with coral or burgundy works well without matching. Warm reds are perfect for winter as they have a heartwarming quality that makes you feel comfortable.


Black & Blue

If you are more of a suttle type and prefer no colour on grey days, mix black with navy blue or grey and ivory. It will still make your skin glow and is not too harsh, especially if you are brunette or darker.


Purple & Rose

Don’t think pale rose is a spring colour. Paired with grey flannel or navy corduroy it has a soft, warm look, especially if your skin is pale, just add some rosy cheeks and you have that effortless, fresh look.



Green can be summer or winter depending on the tone and fabric. We like to take summer fabrics into the winter season and add autumn accessories, such as men’s shoes by Church’s or organic knitwear,, to create an interesting contrast. Grass green, used in small amounts, also works well with black or camel.



Keep yellow in your winter wardrobe and don’t think of it as a summer colour. Combined with camel and brownish corduroy, it is a perfect mix, especially when used in different shades. By the way, yellow sunglasses will always give the impression of a sunny day, even when it is raining 😉