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My car needs a change….
My car needs a change….

MUNICH: Every morning when I wake up I make a choice of my favorite Dallmayr capsa colour of flavour to enjoy my morning coffee. It kind of inspires me for what to wear today. The coloured tabs not only indicate easily which flavour suits my mood and taste, it also gets me in an instant good mood and picking my favorite outfit for the day just comes along easily. Be inspired by my most favorite looks for spring/summer 2015 by colour and enjoy the Dallmayr capsa coffee tabs already today.

Pink is for Barista and perfectly matches my new Valentino bag, Lungo Azzurro goes well with my turquoise Chloe summer dress, Espresso Artigiano is elegant in purple with Roland Mouret’s evening dress, Espresso Ristretto matches elegantly the new Hermès collection, and Lungo Belluno already makes me look forward to the new summer season to come. Matching espresso cups are available online and at the Dallmayr delicatessen store in Munich, as well as all Dallmayr capsa flavours also available at supermarkets new you


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