CLUB UNSEEN, Studiopepe’s secret project

Part of the installation of Club Unseen by Studiopepe , which runs until this Saturday 21st, 2018. Unfortunately we cannot go public with the address of Club Unseen , the ideas is to create a secret adress where the location of a temporary club is hosted by ARIANNA LELLI MAMI & CHIARA DI PINTO during the week of Salone del Mobile 2018

It has been a while that the Italian design Duo ARIANNA LELLI MAMI & CHIARA DI PINTO from Studiopepe are in our focus when it comes to conceptual interior design and product design.


Their colour scheme did not change much but their approach towards Design always surprises us. Their emphasize on manufactured work stands out at their latest project CLUB UNSEEN, a hidden club which unfortunately only lasts for the duration of the Salone del Mobile but will influence the way we will be entertained in the future.

IRMA: Tell me about your project CLUB UNSEEN which you have created during this year’s Salone del Mobile
ARIANNA LELLI MAMI & CHIARA DI PINTO:This year we wanted to create a social place, a meeting point which opens every day from 6 – 12pm during the Salone Design Week. We designed a bar installation, have life music performances and created an App which invites you to get creative and share on your Social Media.

IRMA: Tell me a little bit about the bar which is the heart of your concept.
ARIANNA LELLI MAMI & CHIARA DI PINTO: The bar consists of different panels made out of glass and mirror shapes, designed in a way that you only see the hands of the bartender mixing the cocktails. The focus lies on the hand, the making of cocktails. It is a more abstract presentation of a concept of gesture. The hands are framed by our panel construction.

IRMA: You are known for complete design concepts, like interior spaces, shop concepts, window displays, product design and your trend forecasts. What connects all fields?
ARIANNA LELLI MAMI & CHIARA DI PINTO: Probably all fields are interconnected with each other. We start to think about pattern & textile design when we design a sofa and we think about different furniture when thinking of building a house. One thing leads to another.

The trend reports are something we offer our clients, and which helps us to see our designs in connection with society and daily life.

IRMA: Is that the reason that this year’s installation deals with getting social? Is the way we socialize going to change?
ARIANNA LELLI MAMI & CHIARA DI PINTO: Yes, I think being social in all kind of aspects, whether it is by technical means (Social Media Apps) or just being at a place that makes you feel good with your friends, will change. For example, one trend in hospitality is that hotels will look more and more like private residences and people commission designers and invest in design pieces for their homes to share their private space with friends.

IRMA: What are your next assignments, are you staying social?Yes, we are working on a new Hotel in Paris which you will hear more about soon.

Jasmin Khezri with design Duo ARIANNA LELLI MAMI & CHIARA DI PINTO at Club Unseen in Milano