Best of Salone del Mobile 2018

One week of Salone del Mobile, the world largest furniture fair, makes your eyes wonder and your mind creative when looking at all the different design shows, exhibits, pop-ups and installations around town. IRMA selected the ones that stroke her most.


150.000 tiles imported from Morocco had been the backdrop to Hermes new accessories, textiles and wallpapers collection under the artistic directorship of Charlotte Macaux Perelman and Alexis Fabry, taking place in Milan’s La Permanente museum.

The installation appeared like a mini village of craftmanship and objects of desire, like designs by Irish artist Nigel Peake and lacquered boxes by Gianpaolo Pagni just to name a few had been exhibit in small compartments under dramatic light.


Plaid by Avalon Tangra, Périmétre; a fusion of nature and city on the right


For this year’s Salone, Nilufar Gallery gathers the highest number of pieces in the world designed by Italian designer and architect Lina Bo Bardi, ever exhibited together in one place. Nina Yashar, the founder of Nilufar Gallery curated this exhibit as she believes that Bo Bardi had been among other Italian designers in Brazil that laid the foundations for modern Brazilian design.

Nilufar Depot


Swarovski unveils their latest designs from Atelier Swarovski’s home décor line and Swarovski Crystal Palace in collaboration with leading talents including Nendo, Patricia Urquiola, John Pawson, Tord Boontje and Marjan van Aubelat Palazzo Serbelloni. We had a quick chat with Peter Pilotto:

IRMA: Your home collection for Swarowski seems like a 3D version of your print design from your Pret-a-Porter Collection. Is it mend to be a visual transaction?

PETER PILOTTO: Yes, kind of. We are having a strong focusing on our prints which we design all by ourselves. It made only sense to take these patterns and create something with more dimension. We loved the crystals and had been inspired by their many shapes and bright colors. The candles we used are the natural bee wax candles which emphasize the colors of the stones even more.

Christopher de Vos, Jasmin Khezri, Peter Pilotto


For this year’s Salone the Space of Rossana Orlandi collaborated with Lidewij Edelkoort and Google to demonstrate a future way of living, Software, where technology and a contemporary socio lifestyle melt together.

But we also loved the flower arrangements of Sé, the Italian Design firm which also has a long partnership with Rossana Orlandi.

flower arrangements of Sé


This year LOEWE presents a collection of blankets, tapestries and tote bags, forming an expressive showcase of diverse craft techniques that have been carefully selected from around the globe.

The project for the Salone began with a series of especially commissioned, large-scale tapestries featuring images of various origin, woven at an atelier in Aubusson, central France, known for fusing traditional craftsmanship with of-the-moment digital methods.



Created in 2012, the Objets Nomades collection keeps alive Louis Vuitton’s long tradition of beautifully crafted travel objects. Some of the world’s most renowned designers have since imagined stunning travel-inspired Objets, which have then been made by Louis Vuitton. This year the exhibition is held in the beautiful Palazzo Bocconi.

Day bed by Gwenael Nicolas


The Italian designer and architect Cristina Celestino reinterpret the historic streetcars of Milan.“ Tram Corallo” will circulate in the Brera district during design week and brings on stage a suggestive screening room on rails, an authentic travelling salon inside a historic tram from 1928, reinvented in a contemporary way by the designer with materials from Italian manufacture Rubelli.

Tram Corallo


Carpets are becoming the most wanted Art objects in your house, especially when they come from Interior Designer Angelina Askeri who used her sketches for her latest colab with Carpet manufacturer Tapis Rouge.

The Russian interior designer studied in Milan and lives now between Moscow and Paris. You will hear more about her soon

Aneglina Askeri for Tapis Rouge


2018 is the beginning for DIMORESTUDIO and DIMOREGALLERY as they embark on a new narrative defined by the natural evolution of the company’s work. The title of the exhibit “Transfer” suggests the idea of a journey across distinct cultural ambiences and unusual aesthetic settings that come together.

The artistic installation pays tribute to the purity of the firm’s creations through the use of neutral colors that, through their simplicity, showcase the precious materials, luxurious quality and well-defined character of the DIMORESTUDIO collections.

The 3rd destination is up the street at Via Solferino, 22. For the first time DIMORESTUDIO steps out and reveals itself in a visionary installation in six street facing windows. Open until the end of May, the temporary showroom presents LIMITED EDITION, the new collection of nine one of a kind pieces created by Emiliano Salci for DIMORESTUDIO.

Dimore Studio


Hand Woven Wool Tapestry made in Ecuador / Leather Boxes / Ruban Hand-embroidered Tote Bag made in India / Knitted Jacquard Stripes Blanket / Jacquard Woven Tote Bag made in France.