Champagne picnic. Coming soon

Something to look forward to when spring comes.
IRMA edited some of her favourite champagne picnic ideas you might want to follow:

1. Choose a spot next to a river or lake to make sure your bottles stay chilled and fresh.

2. The scent that surrounds you might influence the taste of your champagne. There is a difference between having a glass in the woods or by the sea. Make sure your mood matches the taste.

3. Do not take plastic cups along, rather wrap a champagne glass in a linen cloth which you might also need to serve the champagne.


4. You might want to take some games along, like the Hermès Jeux D’Animaux paddle ball or some playing cards.

5. Take some plastic to place under your blanket, so it stays dry and clean. You can later use them as a garbage bag.


IRMA art blanket No 1

6. Create a picnic place that feels comfortable and looks chic. Bring pillows, a Persian carpet and maybe an empty vase where you can put freshly picked flowers. Some plates to put your food on, or if you like to carry light maybe some beautiful linen napkins. And most important look out for a stunning view.

7. Bring something back home; some flowers, a found stone or some leaves

8. Take a sketchbook along and draw sceneries from your picnic day, it will be a nice memory and will make you absorb the nature around you.


9. Take some leaves or anything that you can find from nature to decorate your picnic food.